Car excursions


A magical tour where you can visit some of the most exciting places in the world; a comfortable excursion in a convenient car. Because the excursions by a Mamma Mia car are a good combination between relaxation and enchanting places in the province of Naples: Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Pompei, Sorrento, Naples, Paestum.

An unforgettable tour that can be organized on the basis of your needs, starting and ending the tour at the most convenient locations. A tailor made excursion managed by our professional drivers, able to speak English and on board a full optional vehicle, with air conditioning, gps and leather seats. All the comforts that can give you an unforgettable day.

Because Mamma Mia’s cars are able to bring you anywhere, even in Paradise.


A transfer that will lead you to the summit of one of the largest volcanoes in Italy. An excursion by car that will allow you to admire the slopes of Vesuvius, one of the most picturesque protected parks in the world. A breathtaking view from which you can admire a still active crater and a wide range of nature trails. The ideal scenario for lovers of trekking and hiking. This is why, before climbing, you should muster the energy in one of our comfortable cars.
Mamma Mia, an eruption of history and culture.


A journey through time, a window from which to spy on the lives of almost 2000 years ago. This is a tour to Pompeii. A trip to the cradle of civilization that can be undertaken thanks to one of our trips by car. A tour rich in culture that will allowo you to understand much more about the ancient Roman world. The magic of Villa dei Misteri, amphitheatres, the Temple of Venus, the various Domus refurbished and House of the Faun. In other words: the most important archaeological site in the world.
Because with an excursion by car with the staff of Mamma Mia one enters into history.


An old saying says “See Naples and die”. During a driving tour of the many wonders held within this city, one begins to feel its’ pulse. The world’s most beautiful waterfront, the hill of Vomero, the elegance of Piazza Plebiscito, the austerity of Castel dell’Ovo, the magic of the old town and all you can not see but that you breathe. The warmth of the people, the colors of the city, the smells of the typical cuisine and an unforgettable panorama make this experience magical.
A driving tour with Mamma Mia who can really guide you to the heart of the city.


A car full of comfort, air conditioning and leather seats that allow you to fully relax while an experienced driver takes you to the archaeological ruins of Herculaneum. Set on the foothills of Naples, this land boasts a number of priceless historical treasures, such as the House of Neptune, the Virtual Archaeological Museum and the Villa Campolieto. A path of the scents of history, a journey that can be undertaken while meeting all of your needs.  Because Mamma Mia only works to fulfill your wishes.


A walk through the valley of the temples. A walk back in time, in the era of the ancient altars that were raised in honor of pagan deities. A unique experience that you can live through by car on a trip to Paestum. A comfortable and stress-free ride, thanks to a smart and experienced driver that will lead you to discover some of the wonders of the world, such as the Temple of Hera, that of Athena, the Porta Sirena and the Archaeological Museum.
Because an excursion with Mamma Mia will gift you with the chance to experience timeless beauty.



The most elegant streets in the world. The bougainvillea scent that fills the air, and the famous harbor with its typical seaside restaurants. This is also a driving tour in Positano. A comfortable and stylish way to see a small town, whose colorful houses overlooking the sea, shine with their own light.  A tasteful fashion show, a meeting point between the high society and nature.
A trip by car along the Amalfi Coast, taking you directly to Paradise.


The land of the sirens. The song which charmed travelers and seamen, by capturing their attention for an infinite moment. Thanks to the scent of lemon trees, the golden beaches, the downtown alleys full of history and tradition. A spectacle to breathe deeply, while comfortably seated during a trip in the car with our staff, a trip that will allow you the luxury of admiring the cathedral, Piazza Tasso and all the other wonders that this timeless city holds.
Because where the sea shines, you will always find the staff of Mamma Mia to greet you with a smile.


The pearl of the Amalfi Coast. Our drivers, thanks to their elegant and comfortable cars, will take you on an adventure to one of the most enchanting parts of the world. With its cathedral, its enchanting beaches, the quaint shops and unspoiled nature. A place where time stands still … and where elegance is always in bloom.
Because a Mamma Mia driving tour always follows the path of the heart.


A place between myth and legend, perched on top of a mountain and surrounded by the scent of flowers. Enjoy time visiting the historic piazzetta, or the elegant Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. A fairytale place to be reached comfortably with a trip by luxury car; a pleasant drive along one of the most famous streets in the world.
Because a Mamma Mia tour is not easily forgotten.


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